Production of packaging and disposable tableware of polymer materials.

Application of advanced methods of design and development of designs allows to create modern types of packaging in short terms.

Using the method of offset printing images, logos, marks, and other graphic images can be applied to products.

Packaging for confectionery industry of polymer materials

  • Polymeric correxes for sweets
  • Polymeric boxes for sweets

  • Polymeric packaging for:
  • - sponge cakes
  • - biscuits
  • - cakes

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Packaging for fat and oil and dairy industry

  • Polymeric bank for fat industry(mayonnaise, margarine)
  • .
  • Polymeric packaging for:
  • - sour cream, yogurt, etc.
  • - cottage cheese, soft cheese
  • - ice cream

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Production of film for packing

  • - made of polypropylene (PP)
  • - made of polystyrene (PS)

Other packaging made of polymeric materials

  • Production of various types of custom design packaging
  • Design and creation of new types of packaging for certain products on order

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