Packaging for confectionery industry made of polymer materials

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stkond.jpg (21.05 Kb)Today polymeric packaging is one of important attributes of confectionary industry.
The packaging is a polymeric product that has a particular number of cells for a product served apiece or for particular appointed volume. Great popularity of this type of packaging through a big number of confectionery producers with a worldwide reputation is explained by its numerous advantages:

• reliable fixation of confectionery products served by the piece with a certain volume;
• protection of cardboard packaging from the influence of temperature;
• saving an attractive (marketable) appearance of sweets, specified by the manufacturer;
• strict observance of basis weights, etc

The multifaceted assortment of the packaging, which is limited only by customer's requirements and features of products, gives them a number of extra advantages.
Polymeric packaging for the confectionery industry can be made in different variants, differing by:

• the colour gamut: white, transparent, green, brown, red, blue, gold, silver and other colors according to customer;
• the shape of the product: square, rectangular, triangular, round, oval, "heart-shaped" and other nonstandard forms;
• the surface texture: with a notch of different types (stripes, shagreen, netting) or with a smooth surface;
• the shape of the corners: acute or rounded, etc.;
• having or not having a cover (counter-correx).
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Technological opportunities allow us to apply brand symbols (logo), picture or text on the product that will allow the customer to highlight and identify his trademark. For today, the range of correxes, produced by our company includes:

• trays for chocolate candies
• trays for marshmallow, including chocolate covered
• packaging for cookies, crackers, wafer sticks
• trays for jelly sweets
• packaging for various chocolate figures
• correxes for other products
• packaging for sponge cakes
• packaging for cakes
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The products are made of high quality materials: PVC, BOPS, APET, PS, PP and other films of different density and colour.
Constructions developed by specialists of the company, allow to make products of maximum stiffness with minimum thickness of the material used, which reduces the packing cost while fully preserving the functionality of the product.
We welcome every customer, and guarantee attractive prices and short production terms.

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