Packaging for household chemicals

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[left]sthimia.jpg (17.61 Kb)Polymer packaging for household chemicals is offered in the form of a bank with a cover made of polystyrene (PS). It is possible to manufacture and deliver a "wigging" cover, used in sealing of jars with a product with foil, in order to increase the lifetime of products. This package is made of a material with application of any colors and patterns on a bank (6 colors) and the cover (4 colors) by dry offset printing. The construction of the package is designed and manufactured in such a way that enables it to work reliably on modern high-speed filling equipment. Using of high quality materials in production of these products eliminates the possibility of leakage of packaged product during loading, transportation and storage, even during the winter time.

At the request of the customer appearance (design) and the amount of packaging can be changed. It is also possible to manufacture and deliver to the customer this packaging with a self-adhesive label on the can and on the cover.